• Sustainability in figures

    "Executives act as if they had to choose between the great social benefits of developing sustainable products and processes, and the financial cost of doing so. This is simply not true."

    The prestigious Harvard Business Review has studied the sustainability initiatives of 30 great corporations for a long time. Their research shows that sustainability is the key element of the technological and organizational innovations of the last decade, generating benefits throughout the entire business spectrum.

    Large international companies have already discovered that turning to environmentally friendly processes lowers costs, since it reduces the amount of resources used. Furthermore, the process generates new benefits thanks to better products, or allows the companies to create new markets.

    The smartest companies now consider sustainability to be the new frontier in corporate innovation. Its importance is not a matter of opinion, it is a fact supported by statistics.

  • Sustainability is added value

    Companies that show a clear social and environmental commitment not only reduce operating costs, they also increase their financial value through greater profits.

    Companies committed to sustainability tend to achieve better results than those who do not consider it among their medium and long term strategies.

    61% of the companies that changed their business model to include sustainability as a permanent factor in their agenda generated additional profits.

    68% of business leaders mention better financial results as one of the benefits of their investments in sustainability.

    63% of consumers in Latin America are willing to pay more for products and services provided by companies that are committed to having a positive social and environmental impact.

  • Sustainability is reducing costs

    Reducing the use of water and energy, reducing the use of virgin raw materials, improving distribution systems, among other things, generate important savings, which reduce the company's operating costs.

    Even investing in basic energy and water efficiency can translate into significant savings.

    79% of the companies that developed sustainability of their products or processes generated savings in their operating costs.

    90% of Retailers reported that their sustainability efforts reduced their operating costs.

    Improving the efficiency of resource utilization is a great opportunity to effectively demonstrate changes in business practices, transforming the pressure of sustainability into a competitive edge.

  • Sustainability is innovation

    Sustainability strategy will become the main vehicle for economic and industrial development during the next decade.

    Major companies have adopted sustainability strategies because they bring real results: cost reduction, innovation in products, opening of new markets, brand loyalty, and risk reduction.

    The market has already changed.

    During the next 10 years, sustainability strategy and growth strategy will be one and the same.

    44% of executives from major companies accept that sustainability is a source of innovation.

    39% also see it as a source of new business opportunities.

  • Sustainability is saying something new

    Telling your story is very important to consumers, and it positions you favorably when making purchase decisions.

    A commitment to sustainability is not enough to reap all the benefits possible. It is also necessary to communicate your accomplishments in a proactive, efficient way.

    Your story of sustainability creates value and preference for your brand.

    87% of global consumers consider the social and environmental commitment of a company before they make an important decision.

    78% of consumers say they consume sustainable products and services.

    62% of consumers in Latin-American say their purchases depend partially on Packaging, as they read the labels to make sure the brand is committed socially and environmentally.

  • Sustainability is transparency

    Your commitment to sustainability is a clear opportunity to boost your sales, improve Market Share, and strengthen your brand. Telling a true, credible story is the vehicle to achieving these goals.

    Inaccurate, deceitful, or groundless communication generates a potential risk of harming the brand. Betraying the consumers' trust causes long term damage.

    A Sustainability Certificate reduces the risk, gaining your consumers' trust and giving you a competitive edge. Sustainable Certification offers Diagnosis, Validation, and Certification services for your products, services, or processes, in order to tell the world that your company is environmentally responsible.

    46% of consumers seek evidence when a company declares its environmental responsibility.

    59% say a Mark or Certificate sensibly improves their purchase preference.

    51% of consumers would like to see the company's claims verified or endorsed by some institution or agency.

  • A new way to tell the world your company is more sustainable

    "Increasing profits and driving social welfare are not opposite notions. They are part of a unique virtuous circle." Paul Polman, Unilever CEO.

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